Holy Listening

4:30-6:30 pm

Repeats Every Second Tuesday of the Month

ReSource Room, 2nd floor, Suite B St. Michael & All Angels Church 4364 Hardy St. (by Lihue Library)


Rev. Dr. Phyllis Meighen Workshop Guide

Are there times when you don’t know how to respond to another’s pain, or grief, or upset?  When they’re having trouble solving a problem or making a major life decision? Perhaps the best response is in your listening.


In Holy Listening, you’ll learn skills to communicate on a deeper level, set aside judgments, focus on what is important to the other, avoid communication roadblocks, notice deeper meanings, keep an open mind, understand yourself and others more fully, and abide in the mystery of holiness.  Opportunity for confidential participation based on trust, openness, and authenticity.  Donations welcome