About ReSource for Christian Spirituality


With our home on the island of Kauai, Hawaii and surrounded by thousands of miles of Pacific Ocean, our mission is to sustain a light within our community that illuminates Christ's love to an often dark and disconnected world. 


ReSource began in the heart of The Rev. William B. Miller who envisioned a spirituality center, which would draw people to the beauty of God's creation on Kaua'i. After a time, prayer groups on the island began to express a yearning for more opportunities to be nurtured in the spiritual life. In response, on Pentecost 2013, ReSource for Christianity Spirituality was dedicated as an ecumenical ministry of St. Michael's. 




The desire for ministry is what fuels our fire at ReSource. We love to offer our community on Kauai an opportunity to share God's love and to experience spirituality together. We have several programs and events we'd like to share with you. If you have suggestions for an event we could do, make sure to let us know! 


We hope you come to look forward to your weekly electronic communication—that’s We-Com—from ReSource. Sent four times a month, our newsletter is both full of imformation on upcoming local events and full of inspiration through the eyes of other spiritual people. The staff here at ReSource welcomes your contributions: a photo, poem, or short story of no more than 250 words.



RSCS Founder:

The Rev. Dr. Phyllis Meighen (UCC), Spiritual Director, Founding Missioner

San Francisco Theological Seminary, DASD


We-Com, RSCS web design, and ReSource Online support:

Nick Fensterman


ReSource Online

Rev. Dr. Barry Mick and Rev Dr. Phyllis Meighen (UCC)

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